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The Nubian Kingdoms CRTF Royal Academy (CRTFA), which is under CRTFO- Crown Royal Task-Force Office was decreed by the Queen of Sheba with special focus the Diaspora training, orientation and preparation for integration within the Throne communities, offices and court as an integral part of the 2013 Recognition and 2014 enstoolement that open the door for the Diaspora at all levels as the Kingdoms community born within Africa. It prepares all Officers for functions within the Internal Federation and localized support functions of the Kingdoms Throne f Thrones and Agenda as Officials, across the world.

They are a most critical component of the Arc of Nubia and extremely important because they will be the front-line workers, educated on and following Kingdom and local protocols, preparing the locals to become the leadership of their Chapter Programs in their own communities, implementing and executing the PVIIP and O.I.L. plans through Chapter development from the Arc of Nubia, as assigned from the Crown Office.

Our Crown Office is the Office of Federation Leadership within the Federation Arc of Nubia. There are three (3) separate organs that make up the whole internal Federation:

1. Arc of Nubia is the Federation Kingdoms Nations and Tribes of the Ancestral Royal Community of Nubia which is the Thrones cradle. The Arc of Nubia was set up to facilitate the gathering of those called to help in the unification with Africa, and those united in working on the Federation agenda's PVIIP and O.I.L. programs, which is Primarily that of Africa, for Africa and led by Africa in terms of AKF, as first nations, with the same duplicated in FOS – Federation of The South region (Asia-America-Caricom).

This agenda is inclusive of all, building towards unity, but more importantly, towards a stronger global infrastructural platform that allows for greater opportunities for the Kingdoms Nations Tribes on the PVIIP Agenda which is the 55 African Nations Royal Kingdoms. PVIIP - PROJECT VII PHOENIX is the Federation PRIMARY Agenda of AKF Kingdoms Royal Government of the Nubian Nation.

That agenda is therefore the responsibility of the ARC as it is the executive arm of the Federation Royal Government of the Crown, which including our Federation Chapter and The Arc Task Forces I, II and III, has opened the door to the world for entry to this agenda.

2. Kingdoms CTRF Royal Academy is the Federation’s Humanitarian Imperial Matriarchal Dynastic Order of Crown Knights. They, both male and female, are members of Arc Task-Force Federation Crown Academy. They were placed as such by these Royal Decrees –in 1999, 2002, 2006, and again in 2009, for training in PVIIP program planning and with an expectation to train the Kingdoms People in their internal ARC Chapter Leadership functional needs.

PVIIP is a program of the Kingdoms, however, the collective population of African Heritage outside of Africa mirrors very closely to the population of Africa, internally, as it is growing each day and cannot, by Ancestral Law, ever be forgotten by the Kingdoms. Therefore, the agenda of the 55 African Nations PVIIP was expanded to accommodate the Matriarch’s Decrees, by adding a Pilot Program, O. I. L., (One In Light), to reach everyone outside of Africa as well.

The expansion is a reflection of our Purpose of Light, to reach their neighbors and to reach their entire home Nations and help them and their Nation help us help each other, stand as One. Training in these Programs must include indigenous African Traditions and culture, so there is always a place within the Kingdoms structure where all of the Kingdoms can go and learn what they wish about their heritage, too.

The faculties of this training will be most important in preparing THE MANPOWER, on-ground, allowing for unity, while leaving less room for corruption, and power struggles within the Federation, the Arc of Nubia and Humanitarian Mission by the Crown and the Academy where the formation of the PVIIP Federation Agenda will be taught.

3. OAN - Our Arc Social Network is the internal African Kingdoms Federation community of Arc internal Crown Royal Task-Force Office-CRTF and all officials and alliance partnerships communities within the eHead-Quarters internal, in the Community Royal Atrium that is the center place where all within the Kingdoms Officers community can socialize.

This was first planned as part of the Academy Community and that of the PVIIP-O.I.L. Community to facilitate the objectives of how to reach the people and how this could be accomplished across the Lands and Seas. Because PVIIP was designed to cover the continent of Africa, and knowing that thousands of Tribal Nations exist outside of Africa, in order to cover all and avoid politics, or whatever else there is to inhibit us, we have established this place to address all Nations.

In the creation of OAN, we took care of all of our people, including those in the FOS regions, all born of that singular cradle at the shared root, Nubia. As such, we created this network within the Federation planning during Her Majesty’s Facebook appearance from 2009.

Her Majesty’s purpose on that Social Network was to orientate everyone towards building on its positives, to bring all together globally.

Thus, in 2012, the Federation established Our Arc Social-Network to bring together all within the Federation Network platform and have them trained and prepared by the Academy, upon its expansion, UNDER the Dynastic Order, so it linked BACK to the Federation and Kingdoms and our many purposes within the Royal Government, especially unity, would be fulfilled.


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Diaspora community integration & training as officers in the arc royal alliance, the african kingdoms federation and in the offices and royal court of her imperial majesty the empress  


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