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We are each others ''Rock'' in our Arc internal ROYAL ARCADIA Network, where /familyfriends truly meet .....and Arcadian Native Community grows within our Nubian Royal Kingdoms Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia ArcNubia eHaven CRTFO '' a Social Network with a difference, each of us by our presence as a united collective of social friends/family are as well changing

and saving lives as Patron /Associates on the Arc Humanitarian Agenda ....

Take control, be a part of the change. We are the Arc Crown Chapters Royal Task-Forces members and community of family and friends in our Arc of Nubia,- Royal Arcadia Social-Network .... you are welcome to vist or join us.

African Kingdoms Federation

Arcadian Community Congress

Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia

Royal Arcadia Social-Network-RAS

Nubian Kingdoms Nations ArcNubia eHead-Quarters

Arc Of Nubia.

The KINGDOMS OF THE SOUTH-FOS Dual African Kingdoms Federation Royal Arcadia Social-Network.

RAS is the Nubian Kingdoms Private Social Network Society open to all Humanitarians. RAS is the Arc internal 257 World Countries/Islands & Nations International Royal Chapters Community Social ................................, active on our Arcadian Community PVIIP-OIL are under the Federation Humanitarian Mission CRTF-Crown Knights (M/F) Royal Task-Forces Community, Social-Network.

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WELCOME to the Nubian Kingdom Nations AKF - FOS CRTF Arcadian Royal Community CRTF - R.A.S – Royal Arcadia SocialNetwork

A warm welcome to all of our R.A.S – Royal Arcadia SocialNetwork community, site vistors, and to all of you who have decided to join our Nubian Kingdom Nations AKF-FOS dual Federations ArcNubia eHeadQuarters Queen Shebah III Arc of Nubia eHaven, RAS-Royal Arcadia SocialNetwork and/or our CRTF Chapters Royal Task Force Academy Community of the Nubian Kingdoms Nation Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia, Royal Arcadian Family Community.

We are a Private Humanitarian Community of the Nubian Royal Kingdoms Family Houses of East and West Africa, and Lines within Caribbean, Americas, Asia and alliance lines of the Global Indigenous First Nations People and Tribal Governments, alongside and together with the Royal Kingdoms.

We wish to expand our global Arcadian family in our journey of poverty eradication by grass-roots active participation towards its eradication, in each our localized world regions.

We are seeking women and men to become the very first Royal Ambassadresses/Ambassadors, Royal Task Forces units I-II, and Royal Knights of ONE IN LIGHT, in Her Imperial Majesty’s 257 Nations Worldwide War Against Poverty and the African Continents Kingdom's PVIIP (PROJECT SEVEN PHOENIX) Imperial 55 Nations Pre-Agenda.

Over 5,000 Chapters have been established across the world to do the local work of identifying and wiping out poverty, wherever it exists.

Collectively, we will rebuild every community.

R.A.S-Royal Arcadia SocialNetwork of the Arc Of Nubia will be a source for the Chapters Crown Royal Task Force Academy participants from among whom we will be selecting the following;

•One Ambassadress/Ambassador of 257 Nations each; •Royal Task Forces Officers Divisions I-III will be selected to manage in regional and internal office departments:

1. Chapter Royal Office

2.Operations Management Office

3. Media & Public Relations Office

4.Trade and Commerce Office

5. Security and Rescue Office 6. Cultural Events and Protocol

7.Community Service Office

8. Communications Office

9.Development Office

10. Shops & Trade Center Management Offices.

The Local Chapters are where the decisions will be made, in terms of priorities and programs needed for their communities. As well, this will be where ideas can be contributed and discussed to improve the lives of the people.

Upon completion of training at our Royal Task Force Academy Arc of Nubia Queendom Headquarters, you will become enlightened men and women of valor with integral humanitarian work efforts.

We know that the knowledge you gain here of Protocol, Throne History, and PVIIP, ONE IN LIGHT mission orders, can earn you vast opportunity as members of the beloved Royal families of One in

Together, Her Majesties Royal One In Light selected Task Force respective teams 257 nations are purposed to eradicate poverty, step by step, across the world's future and present generations, for the cause of greater economic stability universally.

Within and through The Academy, you will be given the opportunity to meet Royal Personnel and Representatives of the Arc of Nubia's Queendom HeadQuarters, Royal Chieftain Secretaries, Chiefs, First Ministers, and Queens Council, Government, as well as fellow ministers of peace in the persons of appointed Royal House Ambassadors/Ambassadresses and TF-I-III officials representing all nations and peoples of our Arcadian Community, worldwide.

To find out more visit our Mission site < Go to Our Mission >

Arc Of Nubia


Royal Arcadia Social-Network

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