The Kingdoms

The Queendom of Sheba ancestrally led ancient Maa Confederation and present day African Kingdoms Federation, recognises ALL of our Royal Kingdoms of past and their direct descendent lines of present and lines born of the descendent lines, referred to as sub-kingdoms. The Federation Kingdoms Community covers approximately 1000 Kingdoms, over 60 Million Farmers and intergovernmental relations within and outside of the African Continent.

The Federation also acknowledges that many of these ancient thrones structures were affecting in small or in great in our history, however as thrones it does not mean the end of our bloodlines nations and ancestry of Kingdoms at all, because a third or even we ourselves said so. It is not how that works. Kingdoms are by divine authority not man's, and given authority over the People of the Throne Nations and Tribes of Mankind that forms its community. 

Therefore on the contrary the loss of land does not end the authority of any of Africa's Kingdoms from its ancestral identity and root. It does not Kingdoms was never at its root about lands but that of People, the Nation of It People.  As such as in our past so to today, we as Federation recognise and support all of our Kingdoms Nations and their People past and present on our existence Journey with full dignity and respect as Federation and ancestral Mother Throne of the root ancestry of their fore parents as Thrones and Kingdoms of past and Present!  And the communities therefrom and integral part of the Federation body and representation in our Crown Parliament.