The Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia - CRTF - Internal Private Social-Network

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We are each others ''Rock'' in our Arc internal ROYAL ARCADIA Network, where /familyfriends truly meet .....and Arcadian Native Community grows within our Nubian Royal Kingdoms Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia ArcNubia eHaven CRTFO '' a Social Network with a difference, each of us by our presence as a united collective of social friends/family are as well changing

and saving lives as Patron /Associates on the Arc Humanitarian Agenda ....

Take control, be a part of the change. We are the Arc Crown Chapters Royal Task-Forces members and community of family and friends in our Arc of Nubia,- Royal Arcadia Social-Network .... you are welcome to vist or join us.

African Kingdoms Federation

Arcadian Community Congress

Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia

Royal Arcadia Social-Network-RAS

Nubian Kingdoms Nations ArcNubia eHead-Quarters

Arc Of Nubia.

The KINGDOMS OF THE SOUTH-FOS Dual African Kingdoms Federation Royal Arcadia Social-Network.

RAS is the Nubian Kingdoms Private Social Network Society open to all Humanitarians. RAS is the Arc internal 257 World Countries/Islands & Nations International Royal Chapters Community Social ................................, active on our Arcadian Community PVIIP-OIL are under the Federation Humanitarian Mission CRTF-Crown Knights (M/F) Royal Task-Forces Community, Social-Network.

Nubian Royal Kingdoms

Royal Arcadia Social-Network

SINCE 2009 ARC OF NUBIA, since 2012 Est. OUR ARC NETWORK , 2014 expanded Private Society of CRTF & Social Chapters Commuity & Humanitarian CRTF International Chapters Community;2015 program name revised as, Royal Arcadia Social-Network of the Nubian Kingdom Nations.

What makes us different? Our name says it all!

This is OUR Arc Network, of our Arc of Nubia 257 World nations Royal Chapters Community.

On behalf of all our Nubian Kingdoms Royal Family, African Kingdoms Federation, Federation of South-FOS Kingdoms and Indigenous FIRST NATIONS growing Network Associates Family and Friends the Arc Royal Congress...WE welcome you to join us, enjoying friendships and supporting by your presence the PVIIP-OIL agenda of change., and socialising!

Why not just create a friends Community, one may ask? ....more

Queendom of Sheba - Home - African Kingdoms Federation

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