- NKN Crown Royal Task-Force Academy -


Sign up IS NOT A COMMITMENT, all humanitarians minded-hearts of all ages are most welcomed. Find your Area Chapter


Our Greetings,

May we welcome all our Arc Royal Chapters CRTF Royal Academy Task-Force Officers Crown Lounge of the African Royal Kingdoms-ARK dual Federations, for all wishing to support the activities, and Members of our Federation Social Community information. Do read well the Chapters Our Mission, it is information pertaining to the activities of support here within.

This Lounge is the CRTF members Community and information center for our Visitors. Academy Internal area has restricted access, TF and Officials only entrance, unless with appointment.

This CRTF members and vistors site, is the bridge of communications with direct member Officials of AKF that are responsible for the CRTF Lounges activities related to the Chapters Mission OIL-PVIIP responsible for TF-Unit Cadet Officer Screening and nomination of parties of interest supporting the agenda in accordance to Chapters Mission Protocols.

Feel at home to discuss matters of the Chapters Mission with the fellow Associates here, and activities planning, realisation.

Your Private Lounge Secretary

HRH Naa Kafue

Queendom of Sheba - Home - African Kingdoms Federation


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