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Sign up IS NOT A COMMITMENT, all humanitarians minded-hearts of all ages are most welcomed. Find your Area Chapter if you wish to support your District on our Program

Registration Submissions

CRTF TASK-FORCE Registration Pre-interview Screening Questionnaire:

1. Full Legal Name:

2. Skills/Qualification

3. Hours available daily/weekly:

(a) 1 - 5 Hours

(b) 5 - 10 hours

(c) 10+ hours

Answer: ............

4. Have you read the Arc Mission Statement?

5. Have you visited and read the information about the Arc Royal Chapters and Purpose?

6. Are you willing to support, protect and respect the integrity, and aims of the Arc Royal Task-Force of the Arc of Nubia Crown Chapter responsible for the African Kingdoms Federation Projects Support?

7. Are you ready, willing and able to abide by our strict regulations of respect towards all our Task-Force Members and in accordance to our Chapters Regulations Protocols?

8. Are you available for travel if needed, and participation in AKF / Arc Africa Internal Events and Arc internal additional Projects support Programs if needed?

9. If you were offered this opportunity, when would you be able to start on the Task-Force?

10. Will you tell us more about yourself and why your interest to join our Arc Royal Chapters Task-Force?

11. In what type of project missions are you most interested?

12. How long do you anticipate staying in this position if offered the opportunity to serve on the Task-Force?

13. What are your own special abilities?

14. Were you personally invited to join the Arc? How did you find us?

15. How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?

16. Give a specific example of a policy you conformed to with which you did not agree.

17. Describe an instance where you had to think on your feet to extricate yourself from a difficult situation.

18. How do you determine or evaluate success?

19. Have you done any work in the area of diversity in your community?

20. What social networks are you affiliated with in addition to the Arc Network?

21. Do you use any other names via social media other than the one you used upon your enrollment to the Arc Network Community?

22. What is your impression of our Arc protocols and values?

23. What are your religious preferences? Do you feel comfortable with working with people with other religious preferences?

24. Have you ever been involved in a felony or crime against your country? Terrorist activity?

25. Do you understand that any person who represents our Task-Force or any Royal office must conduct themselves in a professional manner that will not disrespect the Royal Throne? This includes all social media pages like FB, Twitter and especially the Arc Network.

26. Do you have a letter of recommendation from a respected member of society? *Examples: Priest, Minister, Government Official, Social Organizations, etc…

27. If you are chosen as a member to represent the Arc Chapters Task-Force you must provide us with a current address, phone number, email address, Skype Account Name (requirement), emergency contact information and current cell phone number. (This information will be private for AKF official files only)

*Applicant Name as used on the Arc:


*Applicant Arc Page URL.:


Kindly Copy the ABOVE questions. PASTE/FILL IN Your ANSWERS >IN EMAIL MESSAGE BODY, and click Send

We thank you for replying to the above, our Arc Internal Management for the Arc Crown Chapter will contact you.


AKF - Arc Internal Affairs Secretariat Royal Office Desk

ArcNubia eHead-Quarters Royal Office eSecretariat

Arc Management

Greetings Members/Applicants,

Kindly Copy the below questions. Click the 'Registration Preliminary Review Submissions'' button, paste in email.

FILL IN Your ANSWERS then forward your registration answers to Crown Asafoatse Nii Kwakwei I, the Academy Dean

via our internal email system to his Arc inbox, here below in (Registration Submissions).

Your details were sent successfully!

TF-I-III Application

Asafoanye Naa Afiyee I

Queens Council ACC