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The Crest of The Seven Throne

The Queendom Of Sheba

The Queendom of The Imperial Queen of Queens of Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms



In 2021 after 21 years ongoing efforts, of a far older vision of decades for the African Renaissance in line with the African Union 2021 agenda the African Renaissance, Africa's Autonomous Matriarchal Queendom of Sheba which today Houses the oldest of the Nubian Kingdoms lines of the South, of the Mother Throne of Thrones Nubia-Sheba Royal Houses and Thrones was by divine providence, made risen in, 2021. With a return to the dignity honor and respect of Africa's historical Culture, Arts and Heritage, and focus unity and development. 


The Queendom was prior represented by its ruling throne under its Imperial Matriarch its present Empress Shebah III - the Queen of Sheba, Queen of Nubia. In a hereditary capacity and responsibilities within that parameter, due to the changes in the course of history, that destroyed much of the powers of the thrones and culture of Africa, and with the post-colonial era changes. Until the 2021 return of The Queendom after decades efforts by the African Kingdoms Federation led by the Queen of Sheba and the aligned agenda of the African Union in, 2021.

Brief Past History


The Queendom of Sheba is the ancestral Afro-Asiatic root of the Imperial Matriarchal Ruling Nubia-Sheba Throne of Thrones and its respective Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms and sub-Kingdoms Thrones. It is the ancestral ancient ruling Sabaean bloodlines, of the South Thrones of ancient Sheba Yemeni and ancient Sheba Nubia Kush. As such, ruling over the multiple Nubia Royal Kingdoms as Queen of Nubia, and its respected Throne of the Queen of Sheba, the Throne is referred to as the Queen of Queens. It does not mean or refer to any Kingdoms or Nations outside of those Kingdoms and Nations of this Royal lines and all that today still identify with this ancestral Nation.
Culturally the Nubia-Sheba throne lines are the ancestral Kingdom of the Matriarchal Thrones of Africa, as Thrones of Kush. Prior to the later history and growth of the Patriarchal lines, the matriarchal culture royal heritage and succession passed via the female parent bloodlines. As the root lines of the descendent Throne of the Nubian Nation Sheba Kingdoms, it is therefore culturally referenced to as the Imperial Matriarchal Throne of Thrones Queendom of The Queen of Sheba. With respect to the African Kingdoms ancestral and present-day Royal Culture and
identity, both as ancient Kingdoms pre-dating many of present day, and as indigenous nations, The Imperial Matriarchal lines ruled over the Nubia Kush Thrones, the Afro-Asiatic Sheba 7th Throne Nations lines of the Maa Confederation of South Kingdoms. It includes the Afro-Asiatic ruling bloodlines lines that migrated and formed the major Nubia-Sheba descendent Nubian Kingdoms of sub-Saharan Africa, and, the sub-Kingdoms and Tribes of Nubia-Sheba and its Kush empire ancestry under those thrones.

Brief Present History

The collective surviving thrones born of those lines forms the descendent Kingdoms and Thrones of the ancestral Queendom of Sheba/Seba. The alliance of all the independent Throne Nations in past and present as the family of thrones, forms the Nubian Nation. Ancestrally they were of the ancient powerful Matriarchal ruling bloodline of the Imperial Matriarchal Thrones, and its Kheperkheperure Protector of the Thrones’ ancient War Throne, of the Kingdoms united warriors in the ancient past of Nubia Kush, Mother Throne of SEBA/SHEBA. 
Today the Nubia-Sheba descendants kingdoms numbers 869 Kingdom lines and sub-kingdoms. There are currently over 2000 Kingdoms and their sub-kingdoms and Thrones covering their ancestrally regions in the present day on the Continent of Africa, and its African Kingdoms Federation, Nations community.




The Thrones of The Queen Of Nubia, Queen of Sheba 


The Nubian Queen Throne is the Nubian Sheba Matriarchal Queendom Throne of Sheba, of Kush Empire of Nations. The 7th Dynastic House Sheba, ancestrally was in reference Asere and Asasi 7 Dynastic Lines, 7 Thrones and 7 Houses that are at root ancestry of the Thrones of Nubia/Africa Empire of Kush Ruling Matriarchal Throne of Sheba. Thus the references as Queen of Africa as the ancestral Nubian Nation ruling Matriarchal Throne, because it is the Throne carrier lines. 


The Imperial Matriarchs enthronement process was in start in year end December 1999 into January 2000 year turn, and enthronement as the Nubian Nation Throne Queen of Nubia alongside the Nubian King Adam II. This was the start of the rites process that was completed over a period of nine months to September 21, 2000, and rites and processes included other enthronements, which culminated nine years later in the year 2009. 


With start in 2006 Sudan Nubian recognition and celebration as Queen Sheba their Queen, 2007 enthroned as Queen Abena Nytamche of Pinango and Abron, 2007 Queen Yoomo Guatele Quartey 1 of the Asere Kpakpatsewe ruling House of Quartey, 2008 enthroned as Grand-Mother Queen Bondziba V of Gomoa Akyemfo, 2009 Royal Marriage and completion of cycle, rites and test of endurance process. With the 2007 Coronation of Her Imperial Majesty as Queen Abena Nytamche I, that represents approximately 500 Kingdoms and Sub-Kingdoms and enthronement as ''The YOOMO Guatele Quartey I by the Throne Family Quartey House of Asere as Mother Throne, the responsibilities expanded to all of the Nubia Ga Dangbe thrones that migrated from the East. With the 2008 Enthronement as Queen Bondziba V another 86, as Thrones Grandmother of the Akan and Abron lines thereof. 


Though not responsible for their day to day affairs which is under their Kings and Queens, the Imperial Matriarch is responsible to see to the support and needs of the collective Kingdoms of this dynastic era. Alongside directly overseeing as the 2000 enthroned Queen of Nubia the East African Nubian nations, of their ancestral root. As collective they are at the forefront of the agenda since, alongside the African Kingdoms Federation Royal Kingdoms and Nations and respective Ruling Kings and Queens member Nations, that forms the Queendom Commonwealth of (Kingdoms) Nations. Established in 2021 in unity with ECODAS-Economic Community Of Diaspora African States established by the Queendom in line with the African Union 2021 Diaspora integration agenda. 


In accordance to the 2021 African Union African Renaissance agenda, with the establishment of the Royal Kingdoms Queendom of Sheba formal Capital in Mai Ndombe Congo DRC, as of 2021 the AU Presidency seated by, Congo DRC.

Kush Nubia



The Queendom of Sheba was established under the African Union African Renaissance agenda. It was established in the form of the Royal Kingdoms Queendom of Sheba formal Capital in Mai Ndombe Congo DRC in line with the 2021 African Union African Renaissance agenda and within its Presidency Seat, Congo DRC. It further promotes the agenda of 2021 ongoing continental implementation on Arts, Culture and Heritage, with the emphasis on a unified development plan for Africa with all of the Diaspora and all of cultural and African Heritage included and involved. The African Renaissance Queendom and hope of Africa is the symbol of the return to the dignity, the high ancestral values and ancient culture that shaped and defined the Civilizations of Mankind. This being borne from the very womb and epicenter of Africa, The Congo DRC.




The Queendom of Sheba’s 2022 focus is the further implementation of the mandates of 2021, the formation of the Queendom’s Governance, infrastructure, and Protocol of Agreements, including that of Federation 2000-2022 present (PVIIP) Project VII Phoenix Agenda. Thanks to the AU 2021 agenda, the course of Africa’s history has been changed to one that included its Arts, Culture and Heritage as never before in this time and era of the African Renaissance that goes on and is in perfect alignment with PVIIP. 


In brief, in honour of the African Union 2021 agenda for African Renaissance with accent on Africa’s Cultural, Arts and Heritage revival, on June 7th 2021 a Protocol of Agreement was signed with the Mai Ndombe Province which led to the establishment of the autonomous Queendom in Africa, the Imperial Queendom of Sheba. That Protocol Of Agreement includes a massive development agenda for that Kingdom establishment, its Province, and Congo DRC as the start of a continental development agenda in line with the AU 2021 agenda for development over the next 40 years, by the Crown Of Sheba Central Bank, and its international banking alliance...........more

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