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The Imperial Queendom of SHEBA


Her Imperial Majesty (HIM) The Head of Government 
Office Crown Imperial Office-CIO

The Imperial Matriarch Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah Debra Amelia Kasambu 'Ra - Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba, is the Crown Monarch of the Imperial Queendom of Sheba. The Empress is the Supreme Head of Government of the Queendom of Sheba, Her Imperial Majesty's (HIM) CROWN Government.

Her Imperial Majesty is the Head of the African Kingdoms Federation since enthronement in the year 2000 as an integral part of her responsibility as the Nubia-Sheba Royal Kingdoms Imperial Matriarch, The Empress. Her Imperial Majesty day to day Affairs of the Federation are addressed by HIM Executive Crown Minister for the AKF Affairs Ministry, with the Office of the HIM Crown Prime Minister and Deputies.

Her Imperial Majesty is the President and Head of Queendom CSCB-Crown of Sheba Central Bank and QSIA-Queendom of Sheba Investment Authority, the issuers of Her Imperial Majesty's Crown Currency of the Queendom.

With an Executive Board of Financial and Banking executives under
Her Imperial Majesty (HIM) and Crown Prime Ministers. Alongside the Crown Governors of CSCB and the respective HIM Crown Governor of QSIA and Deputy Governors. With the responsibility of the Queendom internal and international financial Affairs and Currencies QSL and QRC issuing Authority, reporting directly to the Head of Crown Government HIM.


HIM Crown Prime Minister and Crown Deputy Prime Ministers

The Highest Minister of HIM Crown Government is The Crown Prime Minister( and HIM Deputy Crown Prime Ministers. They are responsible for the day-to-day affairs of Her Imperial Majesty Government and report directly to Her Imperial Majesty as the Crown and Head of Queendom Government. 

The Imperial Commonwealth Of Nations

The Imperial Commonwealth of Nations (ICON), is open to the past and present AU Heads of government. Invited by a seated member, to sit as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations General Assembly. The Imperial Commonwealth of Nations-ICON's purpose is the support the agenda and vision of the 'African Renaissance Levers of Africa we wish to see agenda'.  With constructive realization focus on the 2006 Decreed Queendom Project VII Phoenix. Which integrates the African Union 2063 agenda vision, and that of the Kingdoms and Social Community as a collective vision. And with a goal, of the unified agenda realization for Africa in unity. And facilitated by the Commonwealth of Nations and Alliances, with the Queendom Financial institutions and Administration support facilitation.

The Crown Privy Council

HIM Privy Council Office (HIM PCO) supports the Crown Prime Minister and Cabinet on the Affairs of the Crown Commonwealth Of Nations, the African Kingdoms Federation Crown Parliament Head, and ECODAS (National Nation States). Led by the Clerk/HIM Crown Advisor of HIM Privy Council, the department helps the Crown Government in implementing its vision, goals, and decisions promptly.

The Crown Cabinet of Ministers

The Crown Cabinet of the Queendom is the HIM senior decision-making body of the Crown Government. A committee of the HIM Privy Council, it is chaired by the Crown Prime Minister Of the HIM Crown Government, and its members include the Crown Senate, Executive Crown Ministers, and Senior Crown Ministers. They see to questions of major issues of policy, questions of critical importance to the public, and questions on which there is an unresolved argument between departments. They present their reports thereafter to the Crown Head of Government for the final resolution of Her Imperial Majesty.

The Crown Senate

The Crown Senate is in an advisory capacity with the Queendom Government. And, in a Crown represented Executive capacity within the Queendom led Crown Parliament of the African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) Crown Parliament. The Crown Senate is also responsible for the Empress Project VII Phoenix (PVIIP) realization at the African Union continental level 55 African Nations development support at the national level.  This, with focus to be realized with the Queendom Government and the Queendom Investment Authorization (QSIA). And its physical realization by the Queendom Imperial Family CIHF-Crown Imperial House Foundation Imperial Family Crown Executive Board, and Senate as its representation and advisory capacity.

The African Kingdoms Federation Crown Parliaments

The Queendom Crown Ministry of The African Kingdoms Federation,  the CIHF, and the Federation Crown Parliament, are responsible to support the Imperial Queendom of Sheba Crown Government and the Crown  Imperial Commonwealth of Nations, with its agenda rollout at the Continental level, in support of the African Union 2063 agenda goals. This by the implementation of the Social Development Life-Skills Senate mission, support facilitation.

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