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African Renaissance Royal Capital,
DRC Mai Ndombe Agreement

The Imperial Queendom of Sheba under the Throne of the African continent ancestral Kush/Egypt Nubia-Sheba Mother Throne of Sheba, was duly recognized by the international and African Governments from since early 2000s, as the Nubia-Sheba Royal Kingdoms Mother Throne of Thrones of the Imperial Queendom of Sheba. The continent's ancestral root Kingdoms of Kush/Egypt Nubia-Sheba Imperial Matriarchal Throne, of the Nubian Nation.

Queen of Sheba and Governor Rita Bola
The  Imperial Queendom of Sheba Throne Monarch The Queen of Sheba standing in red between Her Excellency Princess Rita Bola The Governor of Mai Ndombe Province Congo, DRC and former Governor H:E Paul Mputu Boelilanga .

In 2021 Mai Ndombe, was selected and put forward as the Capital of the Imperial Queendom of Sheba African Kingdoms Federation. This was done by the Mai Ndombe Governor Paul Mputu, that extended the invitation to the Queen of Sheba to DRC.


Which led to the Protocol of Agreement that was signed between His Excellency Paul Mputu the former Governor of Mai Ndombe Province Congo DRC, and the Provincial Government, with the Queen of Sheba the Head of the African Kingdoms Federation, the President of CIHF NGOMG in 2021. 


This was realized in line with the 2021 African Union 35th Session, 'African Renaissance agenda', and within its Presidency Seat, Congo DRC, in honor of the African continent Kingdoms root Nubia - Sheba Matriarchal Imperial Throne of the Kingdoms of Sheba, and its roots in Africa and Global history, which is an integral part of the DRC nation's ancient history.  

The year 2022 saw the stepping down of H.E Governor Paul Mputu as Governor of Mai Ndombe and the appointment of the Her Excellency Governor Rita Bola, as the new Governor of Mai Ndombe Province, a Princess from the heart of the Matriarchal kingdoms of Mai Ndombe. The agenda of the established Imperial Matriarchal Throne of Thrones, African Renaissance Queendom realm territory development, is to see to the realization and unified expansion of the continental agenda by the Royals of Africa, for further strengthening. 


The Queen of Sheba decreed the development and financing support further in all sectors, in harmony with the Queendom realm establishment, as start of the 26 respective Provinces of Congo DRC development initiatives with focus start EFZs-Economic Free Zones establishment, and likewise the nations participating on the Queendom's African Renaissance development agenda, which is the simultaneous development of Africa, an agenda which has been for decades, the focus of the Empress and Queen.


The African Renaissance re-established ancestral south Queendom and the hope of Africa, is the symbol of the return to dignity, the high ancestral values and the ancient culture that shaped and defined the first Civilizations of Mankind, this being borne from the very womb and epicenter in Africa ancient Nubia.


It further promotes the agenda of 2021 ongoing continental implementation on Arts, Culture, and Heritage. With the emphasis on a unified development plan for Africa with the diaspora in unity.  And with the inclusion of the people in the diaspora, being part of the cradle of Africa that form the diverse people of the world's nations and all of cultural and African Heritage of the root ancestry, included and involved, in that renaissance. In line with this agenda, the Queendom Capitals are step by step expanding, and full recognitions with each expansion of its crown government institutions as Mother Throne of Thrones of the African Kingdoms and Nations born of it.

In July 2021 the African Union Presidency Panel nominated the Queen of Sheba before CULPAC-Universal Council for Peace of Nations and Continents, which led to the coronation of the Queen of Sheba as The Universal Messenger of Peace for Nations and Continents of the African Heads and as Servant of the Humanity, the international Messenger of Peace.

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