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The Queendom of Sheba Ruling House of Sheba
Nubia-Sheba Imperial Throne House Of Sheba Crown Family Photo Gallery Albums 1 - 47

The House of Sheba Crown Family
Imperial House Bloodlines of (EATA) Eurasia - AFRICA - The Americas

Picture1 Shebah - Freerk 1981a_edited.png

Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Shebah III and Prince Consort Hendrik II of Friesland on Their Wedding Day (1981)

Freerk Hendrik II of Bedum died in 1989, and was post-humous in 2004 formal given the title of Prince Consort Hendrik II Of Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms of Sheba, House of Kasambu'Ra Imperial Crown Family and Duke of the Queendom of Sheba as one of Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers of the Dynastic Successions lines. The entitlement included in the Nobility the House of Sietsema, House of Van Eede, House of Paans, House of De Keizer and Van Deventer. 


Kasambura Royal House-1A.png

The Children and Grand-children of Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Shebah III The Queen of Sheba

The Children and grandchildren of Queen Sheba (Shebah) III the Queen of Sheba, the Empress of the Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms, in the present succession line were born between 1982 to present March 2022. It must be noted that at present date there are three (3) Children born of the marriages of Shebah III and nine (9) descendent grandchildren as of 2022, April 1st 2022 with the birth of Prince Aiden Elijah. 

Mary VII - Michael II The Parents of Shebah III.jpeg

Her Majesty The Throne Mother Queen Mary Janet VII and His Majesty The Throne Father King Michael II



Her Majesty The Throne Mother Queen Mary VII passed away on January 6th 2022. His MajestyThe Throne Father King Michael passed away on April 20th 2016. They were both of the House of Sheba North-East Africa Nubia - Sheba / Egypt MENA and Eurasia shared ancestry. 

Album 2.

Album 2-A.

The Royal House of SHEBA_Nubia-Sheba Asere Kpakpatswe Quartey KASAMBU 'RA GUATELE WE Royal

The House Of Sheba Crown Family
The Royal Family Community of Kingdoms and Thrones

Album 3.

Album 3-A.

Album 3-B.

The Queen of Sheba was born of the House of Sheba MENA migrated lines on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. A former student of Providence Girls Roman Catholic College, Her Imperial Majesty is seen here with Her Majesty former school principle Sister Regina in 2014 on and impromptu visit to Providence, and above with the Trinidad and Tobago former First Lady and members of Government. Her Imperial Majesty very often mentions Providence and Sister Regina of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny, as a key influence and mentor alongside the all of the Nuns that saw from infancy to all of the Royal Family educations and life preparation over the generations since arrival on the island in 1841. Prior to Providence Girls Roman Catholic Convent, Her Imperial Majesty attended the Diego Martin Girls Roman Catholic School. Her Imperial Majesty is here pictured with Her Majesty's maternal side early inherited natural light hair minus the traditional Black wigs worn over decades seen in this Gallery page. The wigs and chemical colours in the year 2013 formally, with completion of the 13th year of rites cycle as Imperial Matriarch.

Album 3-C.

Album 3-D.

The House Of Sheba Crown Family
The Royal Family Community of Kingdoms and Thrones Africa

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Album 4.

Album 5.

Album 6.

Album 7.

Album 8.

Album 9.

Album 10.

Album 11.

Album 12.

Album 13.

Album 14.

Album 15.

Album 16.

Album 17.

Album 18.

Album 19.

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Album 20.

The House Of Sheba Crown Family
The Royal Family Community of Kingdoms and Thrones Africa and Europe

Album 21.

Album 21-A.

Album 22.

Album 23.

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The House of Sheba Crown Family EURASIA Events


Album 24.

Album 25.

Album 26.

Album 27.

Album 28.

HIM Empress Shebah WVAKF Ceremony South Korea 2014 (346).jpg

Album 29.

Album 30.

Album 31.

Album 32.

Album 33.

Empress Shebah Kasambu'Ra - Queen Shebah III

Album 33-A.

Album 34.

Empress Sheba Phillipines Visit 2014 (11).jpg

Album 35.

Album 36.

Album 37.

The Queen of Sheba with Libyan Governmt officials and Royals in 2007

The House of Sheba Crown Family International Events / Activities
(EATA) Eurasia - AFRICA - The Americas Albums

Album 38.

Album 39.

Royal House of Sheba UN event17_edited.jpg

Album 40.

Album 41.

Album 42.

Album 43.

The Ancient Kingdoms of Earth are all related as Kingdoms of Divine roots.  The region of that sea of existence is the point of unification. The ancient Kingdom of Silla are descendants of Joktan and directly related to that of the ancestry of ancient Sheba. In 2017 the related lines House of Sheba and the descendants of the House of Silla that is no longer established in rule reunited in an alliance of ancient Houses for Peace and development. In honour of the unification special Crowns were made and gifted to the House of Sheba present day Crown Monarch, the Queen of Sheba.  The Crown was presented to the Crown Princess of Sheba the Daughter of the Queen of Sheba by the descendant lines Crown Prince of Silla Henry Sejong Keonho KIM.  In the year 2019 on the Queen of Sheba 19th Anniversary the design was adjusted and crown gemstones changed to its present, and coronated on the 21.09.2019 as one (2) international related Houses of Sheba gifted crowns in the collection of Official Crowns of the Nubia - Sheba Royal Kingdoms Empress of the Matriarchal Throne of Thrones the Imperial Matriarch the Queen of Sheba. In 2014 a smaller traditional crown was gifted during Her Imperial Majesty sojourn in South-Korea.
2020 released official pictures_ Her Imperial Majesty's 19th Year Coronation Anniversary -
The Queen of Sheba Silla-Africa Crown

Album 44.

The Empress Shebah - The Queen Of Sheba 2022 Summit

The House of Sheba Crown Government of The Queendom of Sheba 2020 - 2023 African Kingdoms Federation Weekly ZOOM Summit Events and Functions Activities. (EATA) Eurasia - AFRICA - The Americas Albums

Album 45.

Album 46.AKF Summits with the National Farmers Association sixty million (60 million) Farmers community of the AKF Queendom Crown Government Continental Council of National Farmers Association of the Crown Council of Nations.  The AKF Financial institutions are with focused aimed at the projects financing as farming body, development support, upgrading of farming technology and Life-Skills course towards strengthening the African open market and international Trade.

Album 46.

Crown Commonwealth of Nations UAE Events 2022 (60).jpeg

Album 47.