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The House of Sheba Crown Family Ancestral Birth Regions & Throne Region Africa.
(EATA) Eurasia - AFRICA - The Americas

The Imperial Throne
Crown Family International Representatives

Picture1 Shebah - Freerk 1981a_edited.png

Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Shebah III and Prince Consort Hendrik II of Friesland on Their Highness Wedding Day (1981)

Freerk Hendrik II of Bedum died in 1989 and was post-humus in 2004 formal given the title Duke Hendrik II Of Nubia-Sheba House of Sheba, House of Kasambu'Ra Imperial Crown Family as one of Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers of the Dynastic Successions lines. The entitlement included in the Nobility the House of Sietsema, House of Van Eede, House of Paans, House of De Keizer and Van Deventer. 

The Imperial Crown
Sovereign Imperial House Of Sheba Ruling House of KASAMBU'RA Throne Family

Album 1.
The Crown Family of Queendom of Sheba

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