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The Formal Function

In August of 2013, under the Auspices of His Excellency Arch-Bishop Dr. C. Lloyd Battieste - Toronto, Ontario, Canada International Council of Pentecostal Bishops, Arch-Bishop London, Justice of the Peace Bishop Sir John Hardy and Justice of the Peace Bishop Thompson, further Pastors, members of Government, national media and congregations, history was made in the excessive heat, as the former-diaspora recognition was Proclaimed with the proclamation Decree reading formally by its famous Crown Bishop of the Queen of Shebah 2011 -2014, His Eminence Crown-Bishop Dr. Kevin Onthoniel Smith.

The Place

The word Victory on the so-named Victory Building in Jamaica indeed earned its name, the place where we planned to house and which was about to be commissioned as Her Majesty’s Crown Office, the Office of Her Majesty's Crown Bishop, and the internal church, the Kingdom Ministries of HM Crown Bishop, the Kingdoms Ministries Church, now permanently written within the books of the Nubian Kingdom Nations dynastic history and Caribbean History.

The Nubian Royal Kingdoms First Cabinet Council of Churches Crown-Bishop of the Royal House with the Crown Commissariat in the Victory Building Commissioning by the visiting Nubian Nation Queen to Montego Bay, Jamaica shows how the uniqueness of this glorious event was apparent, as was the excitement among the attendees.

The cultural nuances of Africa were all around and the energy, especially the “fanning”, for the heat was excessive, yet so was the vibrant anticipation of what was about to be proclaimed.

On this day, the unity of the Caribbean and throughout the Americas with the African Throne would “fan” the winds of change for those born in the West, yet never separated from their original Kingdom lines.

This is a major victory for Jamaica, and well-earned, for it is now written within the books of the Nubian Kingdom Nations dynastic history, Caribbean History, the former Diaspora, and across the South World as the sight, for the recognition of the African Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade descendants as the nations lines of Nubia-Egypt Throne of the Queen of Sheba, the Mother Throne of Thrones. Recognized under the authority and rule as Kingdoms community members of the Imperial Throne, Nubian Kushite Kas Ambu Nation of the Queendom of the Queen of Sheba, their Queen.

A Queen of Two Continents Shared Present day Royal History

Nubian Sheba Kingdoms Ruling House lines Royal Lines Mapping within the Americas unfolds, a destiny to become the uniting bridge of the Continents.  Unity of the massive lines both within and outside of Africa, including Queen Nanny taken from Africa descendant Grand-Daughter of Temple Queen Amprofi I, of the House of Kassa Amen 1 of the Kas Ambu Ruling House Lines.


The Nubian Nation Sheba Throne is the ancestral Matriarch Throne of the Akan Nations throne lines of Queen Nanny, who was taken to Jamaican is deeply related and linked ancestrally and in present day to Jamaica. It is the birth-place of the paternal-side grand-father of three (3) of the five (5) Grandsons and twin Grand-daughters heirs of the Nubian Throne Queen.  As well the birthplace of the Queen's Jamaican Sister-in-Law the wife of the Queen's younger brother and their children.


The Queen of Sheba direct ancestry is a global cosmopolitan bloodline of which the birth region Continent and Throne region Continent holds precedent though the Royal House lines is actually passing through five (5) Continents community which are; the Americas, Africa, Middle-East/Asia and Europe. The Royal House of Sheba direct Ruling primary family lines within the Americas-Caribbean goes with central focus through the USA, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. With related lines through Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, Suriname, Guadeloupe, Carib Nation, Venezuela, Grenada and St.Vincent, Brazil, Puerto Rico to name a few, Canada and primary lines through Europe, Middle-East & Northeast Africa of their ancestral root.  Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela is the maternal-side birthplace of Mother and both direct Grand-Mothers, whilst Venezuela paternal Great-Grand-Father side of the 3 Royal Princes. 


The Proclamation Recognition within THE RECOGNITION

The year 2014 saw the Enstoolement (formal investiture) of seven new Chieftain-Queens and Chiefs to the Royal Court and the appointment of the Royal Kingdoms Arc Of Nubia Community member Bishop John Hardy of Kingston in 2014 to Crown-Commissioner of Kingdoms Programs Affairs for Caricom. This was the start of the Royal Court 2014 expansion to include, the lines from the Caribbean and Americas descendants. Now appointed by right of birth and presence therefore as unbroken lines of the old  lines by the 2013 recognition as if never taken, for the law was not broken so to the lines not, if the bloodlines walked within thus the laws fulfilled and the birth of the Queen in the Americas, the ruling Crown and most important of Kingdoms Laws of soil of Birth of Throne.


Ancestral Royal Laws Fulfilled


By Right of Law of Divine of Thrones, the soil of Birth of Throne seat and so to the Americas and Caribbean islands and Regions is an integral part of the Sheba Throne ancestral family community, the Diaspora Recognition. Alongside in twofold by right of the Unification of Houses of the Americas-Middle East & Northeast-Africa lines and East-Africa as ONE UNITED HOUSE and THRONE.By  Right of King to grant His Queen in Union-Hand desire as way of Thrones. By Right of Grand-Mother Imperial Matriarchs Iris-Mary & Josephine as Throne Seat and authority as Queen and Mother, who take upon and within House and care Her People, in extension of the Throne Royal and Noble Courts, for that is right of Throne of Thrones, and Kingdoms ancestral law equally thus fulfilled.  Which demands and commands that within the Courts must be a reflection of the People of the Land and soils of both sides of the House and lines of Thrones and equally thus fulfilled with the House lines of Africa and that of the self-same lines in the Americas and crisscrossing the World Continents as ONE House, that of THE SOVEREIGN IMPERIAL HOUSE OF SHEBA

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