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Nubian Kingdoms Nation Throne Of Sheba

AKF - FOS - ARC Humanitarian Historical Milestones and Accreditation

1999 - 2020 / PRESENT

1999 - 2004:

Present Federation was revised by Queen Shebah III in 1999:

  • formalized in 2000 as African Kingdoms Federation-AKF;



  • AKF Kingdoms Imperial House Foundation-IHF in 2000 was formalised as AKF legal Representation the Imperial House Foundation- Africa / IHF-Africa NGO was established,

  • 2004 *IHF-USA was formed expanding IHF-Africa internationally.

  • 2008, re-integrated IHF-USA internal directly under the IHF-Africa) led by the AKF-FOS Throne Head the Queen of Sheba

  • 2009/10 IHF evolution to form, the Queen Shebah III Arc Of Nubia, referred to in short a Arc of Nubia, or The ARC.

  • In 2017 the AKF / IHF was registered successfully in the United Nations DESA Data Bank of NGOs as a Major Group

  • 2018 the IHF was renamed and registered formally as CIHF-Crown Imperial House Foundation



Queen Shebah III led AKF was  Winner of GWA 145 Countries Golden Web Award Winner


Queen Shebah III Received the Nubian Nations New Halfa Sudan Certificate of Recognition for Efforts for the Nubian Nation and a Sword by it Military.


Queen Shebah III hosted with the Government Libya the First African Kingdoms Summit with focus the Diaspora and the simultaneous participation in the 2007 SIRTE African Union Anniversary as guest entourage of the Queen the Head guest. The Summit was of the Queen and theme African Renaissance with focus the following up of Sudan Nubian nation 2006 events and the 2000 Throne of Sheba coronation oath to see the Diaspora integrated. 




Queen Shebah III Throne Named ACP - RCI 2nd Forum Honorary President for its 1.77 Billion Global Community members of the ACP States


Queen Shebah III was honoured in Monrovia by the Government of Republic Of Liberia National Traditional Council of the 15 Counties/States Chieftaincy, with an  Award for International Efforts for the African Kingdoms & Education on the Kingdoms Root History & Traditions.


Queen Shebah III Formation and expansion of AKF-FOS with Alliance 110 Tribal Nations of South-Asia with the Governor and Governess of the 110 Tribal Nations, of the International Congress of Indigenous Nations 


AKF Federation formation and establishment start of the Queen Shebah III Arc of Nubia on the Ning Platform as Network Creator Owners. Start of operations, preparation and Orientation, and step by step formation of the World's First eHead-Quarters from and by Africa, worked on from 2004 and ongoing. From 2009, integrated to form the central organ of Federation Program International Management, within the non-access sectors of the Arc.


Queen Shebah III Establishment of ARC Crown Offices CRTF expanded from the Internal Court Order Asere Royal Order towards the Federation Humanitarian support and Diaspora integration process.


Queen Shebah III Arc expansion of the Social Community with Federation eHead-Quarters platform accessible areas.


Queen Shebah III Recipients of United States of America 'City Of Los Angeles' Recognition Award


History was made within the Nubian Nation with the formal recognition of the Diaspora Nations on 18.08.2013 by the Federation Imperial Matriarch Queen Shebah III, after 400 years and over a decade of efforts by Kingdoms internal to see achieved.




Queen Shebah III Establishment and preparation for start of the Federation Humanitarian Task-Forces Academy with focus training the Diaspora globally community for function and task as an integral part of the Kingdoms Community at all levels of offices in Africa in service to the Throne.



Queen Shebah III Nominee- ''Noble Woman of the Year 2013-2014" by WCH-We Care For Humanity and appointed to its Bard of Commission.


Queen Shebah III Honored at United Nations June 21st Annual "We Care for Humanity - WCH Global Officials of Dignity - G.O.D Humanitarian respective Awards & Recognition's for Efforts for Africa:

  • (a) through the PVIIP African Continent 55 Nations Trans -African Urban and Rural Regions Infrastructural Development Agenda

  • (b) the Diaspora 2013 Recognition by the Nubian Kingdom Nation

  • (c) and Federations Arc of Nubia Humanitarian 257 World Nations Poverty Eradication and Infrastructural Development ‘One In Light’ Agenda Program''.

  • An agenda Recognized and acclaimed by the Government of Libya in 2007 and outside of Africa.

Queen Shebah III Received Awards at United Nations, NY function June 2014:

  • Noble Woman of the Year 2014 Awarded to the AKF-FOS Head (ref. O.I.L Program)

  • Recognition: Most Historical Kings & Queens Achievement Awards Of the 21st Century Awarded to the AKF-FOS Head. (ref. Arise..)

  • Special Congressional Recognition USA Senate of California H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra - Queen Shebah III

  • Special Congressional Recognition USA Senate of California African Kingdoms Federation of South Kingdoms

  • Senate Recognition USA Senate of California H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra - Queen Shebah III

  • Senate Recognition USA Senate of California African Kingdoms Federation of South Kingdoms.


Seoul, Korea: AKF-FOS Head Queen Shebah III among the VIP that signed the World Peace Alliance with their present incl. 50 Present & Former Heads-Of-State of National Governments, Kingdom Royal Governments, International Women Leaders & Religious Heads Alliance Agreement Formal Signees to the HWPL 2014 WARP Seoul, Korea World Peace Summit Alliance for Religious Leaders & Governments to work together with their community towards the cessation of Worldwide Wars & Religious Conflicts.


Seoul Korea: AKF-FOS Head Queen Shebah III among the IWPG International Women-Leaders VIP Signee's to the WPI Peace Agreement together with present & former Head-Of-States, First-Ladies of National Government, Throne Monarchs & Royals, International Organisation Leadership, of the World Signee at the World Peace Summit International VIP Women Peace Group-Summit Session.


AKF-FOS Head Queen Shebah III was honored with and conferred Sept.2014 formally Tribal Name ''Bae Nanganlan'' and blessing support on the ongoing agenda, from the Tribal Chiefs, Elders & People of the 110 Tribal Nations Government of the Philippines.


Queen Shebah III - Official Support Alliance with AKF-FOS by the Governor & Governess of the Tribal Nation Government for the AKF-FOS 'One In Light’ Program.


Queen Shebah III - Alliance, Recognition, and given a Seat on the Worlds Indigenous Nations Chiefs Council Of First Nations Grand Council, thus covering all of Earth’s First Nations People of the ancient lines Council Global Nations.


History was repeated and fulfilled with the unification of the Ancient Lines of South Kingdoms and First Nations by invitation of the AKF-FOS Head Queen Shebah III, to the Supreme Councils of Thrones. New, it is not, for the lines Alliances are historically rooted within the Maa-Confederation. Fulfilled is the arisen House of the Alliance of South Kingdoms and Indigenous First Nations of the Earth.


AKF-FOS Head Queen Shebah III expands Supreme Council of Thrones for seating of the Grand Council as Unity of First Nation House.

  • This places the Federation as the largest First Nations and Kingdoms Community of Alliances in the modern History of the Kingdoms and Indigenous Nations, as in its past, working towards the self-same Purpose: the Eradication of Poverty from memory and vocabulary of the future generations re-establishment of Respect of the First Nations, Traditional ways and education. Rights; Rights to Live in Peace, Rights to Sacred Lands, Rights to of Fruits of Tribal Lands, Rights of Indigenous and Traditional Authority, Collective Rights to Life and to live in Peace, building and developing their Sovereign Regions as the Ancient Lines of Earths First Nation People. ...more Accreditation History



Queen Shebah III Vice-Presidency of The Arab-African Council for Integration and Development 2016 ( CSO / Intergovernmental)



Queen Shebah III President of Human Survival International Organisation (reps. 60% of the World Population)




Queen Shebah III UN Chairman of HLFTC of The ISEA UN ECOSOC SCS  ( UN Special Consultativ Status)




Queen Shebah III The World Peace Committee 202 Countries Deputy-President for the African Union  ( Diplomatic Corps Mission)



Queen Shebah III Vice-President of The Arab-African Supreme Authority of Wise Men ( Members All Past and Present Head-of-States and Ministers of Government CSO)




Queen Shebah III Deputy-Minister of The World Organisation of States Intergovernmental Parliament for Safety and Peace.
( Intergovernmental)



Queen Shebah III Patron-The AIDO- Ateker International Development Organisation (African KINGDOMS / Intellectuals / Intergovernmental 1.5 Million Member community)




Queen Shebah III Hon. President of The COCSAI- Council of Churches South African International (35.000 Interfaith Churches Internationally and 3.700 Affiliated Businesses and Corporations) 


HRM KING Kwate  Samuel Quartey accepts Award for the Queen Of SHEBA in the United Nations New York at the event of G.O.D-Global Officials of Dignity awards of WCH, is here pictured and featured in the above Video.

H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra - Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba

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