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The Crest of The Seven Throne

The Queendom Monarch


The African Renaissance 2021 Imperial Queendom ruling Monarch and its Crown Government Throne and Imperial House Head are the Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms Nations Imperial Matriarch The Empress, Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Shebah Kasambu'Ra - Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba. 


Born on September 19th 1963 Her Imperial Majesty is of the Sovereign Imperial House of Sheba/Seba Sabean and Kushite bloodlines ruling Kasambu'Ra / Kasambu'La family was enthroned alongside the Nubian King King Adam II in the year 2000 as Queen of Nubia, Queen of Sheba, and the Imperial Matriarchal Thrones Ruler as protocol. His Majesty as a member of the NRM Government Party support community, by protocol, does not involve with affairs of the Matriarchs Throne and Kingdoms. Her Imperial Majesty is the Sovereign Imperial Head of the House of Sheba Crown Family and Houses globally. The Empress is the Crown Head of the Continent of Africa ancestral Nubia-Sheba African Kingdoms Federation, formerly the MAA Confederation of the South Nations in antiquity, since 2000 enthronement as hereditary function, and on the agenda of the African Renaissance for decades. The African Renaissance 'Queendom of Sheba' and hope of Africa is the symbol of the return to dignity, the high ancestral values, and ancient culture that shaped and defined the Civilizations of Mankind. This being borne from the very womb and epicenter of Africa, led by the Kingdoms of Africa and Queendom Mother Throne.

The Queen of Sheba is the Imperial Head of the African Kingdoms Federation since 2000. She is also the President of the Crown of Sheba Central Bank(CSCB) and the Queen Sheba Investment Authority, (QSIA). Her Imperial Majesty heads one of the most financially influential International Royal Financial Consortium of International Private Investors, with total focus on the African Nations simultaneous development through the Project VII Phoenix agenda, in close collaboration with the Renaissance of Africa to its majestic heritage and economic potential as a developed continent. In line with the African Union 35th Session theme of the ‘African Renaissance, the, very theme and focus of Queen of Sheba-led African Kingdoms Federation, as the oldest Kingdoms body in Africa and its Queendom Mother Throne was highlighted.


This focus on the continent’s ancestry as Nubia-Kush Kingdoms and its Matriarch of Sheba and the Slave Route that passes through the Province of Mai Ndombe, Congo, both related historically to the ancient Queendom Throne, and the Kasambu’Ra lines of Congo DRC. As a result, and in line with the 2021 African Union agenda, a Queendom realm was established under the Throne of the Queen of Sheba as the continent Mother Queendom. In 2022 this was expanded on by other African Countries in recognition of Queen of Sheba, the Queendom institutions, and Queendom Financial Facilities.


The Empress the Queen of Sheba is the Imperial Head of the African Continent Federation of Kingdoms since the year 2000, and President of the international CIHF-Crown Imperial House Foundation established in 2000, and UN DESA registered in 2016.  The Queen of Sheba was in 2016 appointed as the Vice-President of the Arab-African Council of Integration and Development-AACID a United Nations ECOSOC accredited Special Consultative Status Civil Society Organization. In 2019, The Queen was appointed as Vice President of the World Peace Committee for the African Union Nations.  In 2020 the Queen of Sheba was again appointed to the World Organization of States International Intergovernmental Parliament in Rome.  In 2021 the Queen of Sheba was appointed as the ‘’Servant of Humanity’’ and ‘’Universal Messenger of Peace for African Heads’’ by the CULPAC-Universal Council for Peace of Nations and Continents, in Congo DRC, in accordance with the Brussels 2018 resolutions of the Universal Peace Conference, held in September 2018 at the European Parliament in Brussels. This was a nomination by the 2021 African Union Panel, DRC, to CULPAC for the Queen of Sheba's decades of efforts and development agenda planning for Africa. Her Imperial Majesty has also earned several international and governmental awards and recognition from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

The first-born daughter of Mary VII and Michael II of the House of Sheba Nubia-Sheba migrated America bloodlines, the Queen of Sheba is the Granddaughter of the Nubia-Sheba Imperial Matriarch Iris Mary II. The Queen of Sheba, also referred to as the Queen of the South, whose coronation process rites started at clock turn 01.01.2000 in a process of events until  21.09.2000, celebrates Her Coronation Anniversary on the Throne on September 21st annually which as tradition was  the ancestral new year, or era start. 


The Queen of Sheba is the widow of the Ghanaian Ga-Akan Royal line, HRH Obadiah Emmanuel SAI. She is a mother of three from previous marriages, and grandmother of nine (9) grandchildren; 7 grandsons and twin granddaughters as of 2022. The family is known as the most cosmopolitan Imperial and Royal House Crown Family of present history, with the ancestral MENA ( Middle East and North-Africa) region family lines, crisscrossing East-Africa and into West and Central Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and The Americas (North, South and the Caribbean).

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The Queendom Of Sheba

Imperial Queen of Queens of Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms


 The Nubia-Sheba Royal Kingdoms
Queendom of SHEBA

African Kingdoms Federation - Imperial Head


The Queendom of Sheba AFRICAN Kingdoms Federation


The Federation is similar in internal infrastructure and make-up to the African Union, which is formed by a Federation of African Nations Governments, and similar to the USA which is formed by a Federation of States Union, the Queendom of Sheba African Kingdoms Federation is formed by the Nubia-Sheba Queendom of Sheba African Royal Kingdoms Nations Union of the African Union Nations.


Federation of African Union Nations (AU) and the Queendom Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) brief Information Comparison. 


The African Union (AU) is a Federation consisting of all of Africa's states except Morocco. The union was formed, with Addis Ababa as its headquarters, on 26 June 2001. The African Union has a parliamentary government, known as the African Union Government, consisting of legislative, judicial, and executive organs. It is led by the African Union President and Head of State, who is also the President of the Pan African Parliament (Wiki). Similarly, the Queendom African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) is a union, consisting of the African States' ancient Nubia-Sheba Queendom Royal Kingdoms referred to as the Traditional Kingdoms and Traditional Rulers. Forming a Royal Monarchical Federation and Central Government of the Continents Ancient Egypt: Nubia Sheba Queendom Throne descendant Kingdoms and Nations: the ARK-Ancestral Royal Kingdoms of the Federation Of The South and its migrated descendants lines formed Nations. 


The Head of the Queendom African Kingdoms Federation is the Queen of Sheba, the Head-Of-State of the Queendom of Sheba Crown Government. The centuries-old Queendom African Continent Royal Kingdoms Federation-AKF was reformed in 1962, in 2000 and further expanded in September 2007 by Federation Nations Southern Arabia ancestral lines Sheba and dual descendent SEBA Kingdoms of Nubia-Kush African Continent Nations Kingdoms bloodlines of the Throne of Sheba, formed by the descendants of the ancient Nubia-Egypt Empires and Royal Kingdoms, covering the African Continent. 


Forming as Queendom one unified African Kingdoms Federation of Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms and Nations, of the African Nubia-Sheba Imperial Matriarchal Empire ancestral to the Kingdom of Sheba, as an integral part of the Federation of The South, Union. The African Nubian Kingdoms Nation Kingdoms hundreds of internal Chiefdoms, collectively form the Supreme Assembly of the Kingdoms Federation (representing the respective Kingdoms and Kingdoms Tribal Nations of the African Continent). 

African Kingdoms Federation Nubia-Sheba Kingdoms 'African Renaissance Tripoli Summit Album 2007' ...more

Queen of Sheba - Empress Shebah Kasambu'Ra (2022)_

The Empress Shebah III - The Queen Of Sheba (Picture 2022)

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