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African Kingdoms Federation Reply to Questions on Ronnie Brunswijk Inauguration and Federation Laws

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Blue and gold Crest with double head eagle in center and royal symbols
The African Kingdoms Federation High Crest

The African Kingdoms Federation-AKF Crown Office, has received a rise in communications from within the Caribbean specifically from Suriname on the matters of selections and inauguration of KINGS and QUEENS.

The letters received over the month of July, however due to priority issues on the table, it is now being addressed by our Crown Office.

Among the questions asked were why did the African Kingdoms Federation inaugurate the Vice-President Ronnie Brunswijk as a King? Did we do a background check? Demands that we stop our actions to do such? How do we select individuals for Kingship/Queenship?. How did we select and appoint a member of the Diaspora community in Suriname? How is that for others in general from the Diaspora? Letters included questions asking were we paid to appoint and official in Suriname as a King? Others just flat out stated such. Most communications further were along those same lines of questions, some very angry; others happy; others at a lost.

As such this clarification statement by the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF the oldest Kingdoms representation body and the most globally known; and respected.

Response STATEMENT The African Kingdoms Federation as custodians of our member Kingdoms Nations State ancestral Dignity, Identity; Sovereignty and Security of the Imperial and Royal Houses direct BLOODLINES descendants; has very strict rules; policies and protocols.

We have no part in the inauguration in Suriname of the Suriname Vice-President Ronnie Brunswijk in any elevated kingdoms capacity, NONE. It is against African Kingdoms Federation Law. We have no involvement in the matter. It has nothing to do with the African Kingdoms Federation, it has nothing to do with our member Kingdom Nations, our Crown Government, or related to us. In fact it is against our very strict laws and policies. This matter was at the discretion of those that extended that recognition, it must not be seen in any way as the representation of any in Africa, outside of those that facilitated the event.

We the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF do NOT appoint or inaugurate ANY as Kings or Queens, unless in customary accordance from within the Royal Bloodlines and Royal Bloodlines only. The exceptions are that of Royal marriages INTO the Bloodlines direct lines. Thus passing to the Children born of the union.

We make No exceptions; No exemptions and No apology; for our strict stands. Therefore regardless of anyone's race, status or wealth, if not of Royal Blood and long existing Royal Houses and Royal Family bloodlines thereof, we do not allow such. And will never as Federation or its Crown Parliament endorse or support the inauguration of any on the planet, not of the old lines immediate present day Royal Houses descendent lines, with at least the last five generations ancestors of Royal prominence in unbroken lineage, as strict policy.

Membership into the Federation is also strict, and though we do cater with a rigid selection process for Diaspora nations and global Kingdoms; including none African Kingdoms membership; we do not recognize any titles that are not of historical Royal ancestry Bloodlines or Recognized Kingdoms. Which means that African Kingdoms Federation do NOT recognize ANY Honorary Titles Royal Titles. We do NOT give Honorary titles, and we do not address ANY by such titles. The African Kingdoms Federation ONLY exemption on titles are within our Imperial and Royal Court of Nobility and Knighthoods, and based on Merit and Valor in Service to the Imperial Throne or Federation Member Kingdoms Nations. This can be as Knights in start, to prominent nobility that may pass down to their generations; but never appointment of Monarch status. NO Royal Houses on the planet of any history and merit allows such, even honorary, as ancient Laws.

And; such noble titles ALWAYS at discretion of the Throne that grant such elevations strictly within the Nobility Court if a non- Royal to the outer or extended court. Not the internal Royals inner Court of the Crown Family Royals relatives. This allows entrance potential into a Royal Court Knighthood and from there possible elevation based on service into Crown Government and Crown Institutions. NEVER that of King or Queen; Prince or Princess or HIM; HIH, HRM, HRH or even HSH as prefix title if not of the House by ancestral blood or union. It is NOT allowed. That is Systematic devaluation of African Regal Status, Empires of Thrones History and relevance, as the FIRST of Kingdoms and Thrones on Earth.

Royalty is not by election or selection or by whim of mankind or for political, social, or ideologies of prestige, wealth, status or power. Wealth has nothing to do with that. Many high Thrones in Africa are not wealthy in dollars and cents, yet rules millions and respect beyond the scale of politics or financial possibility. Royalty can ONLY be accepted and respect; and recognized strictly through The Houses of ancient lines ANOINTED as THRONES and thus ELEVATED to rule with a Sacred and Divine Responsibility for which the Monarchs and their blood Shall answer.

Therefore the African Kingdoms Federation views any wavering of the ancient laws an abomination and violation of our ancient Royal Laws. Laws that predates all modern laws at the earliest root of ancient Civilizations and Nations of todays modern Nations.

Thus without fear or favor to any, we the African Kingdoms Federation do not condone or recognize any breach of our ancestral laws or Honorary titles, even that done within the Kingdoms in thanks at times to benefactors: We do not condone such abominatios; it devaluates the seated Monarchs and African Royalty, and stand firm on the integrity of our ancient laws as African Kingdoms Federation, African KINGDOMS Federation Monarchs, our Crown Senate, House of Lords and Federation Crown Parliament House of KINGDOMS.

Where on earth did any ever hear or read of the European or Asian Thrones past or present appointing any with an honorary title of King or Queen outside of their Succession or direct Family bloodlines? Even appointing as Kings or Queens of Development, or appointment of Kings and Queens of Market of Culture and so forth; we have noted with a cringe. It is just not done.

It is wrong and not accepted at the high level of Royal Recognition set by the African Kingdoms Federation for its Federation Nations.

How can we be respected as Royals if we dishonor the Foundation pillar of Royal Anointment heritage, when we degrade the sanctity of that, and dishonor our ancestors on whose thrones we sit? Who granted any that right to elevate the one above the other outside of the ancient lines of History or on their seats? That is the systematic self devaluate as Royals of our Bloodlines Pedigree and Standing before the global Royal Family Houses. A dangerous adopted norm that is absolutely not tolerated by the African Kingdoms Federation and its Crown Government.

Within our African Kingdoms Federation constitution of Kingdoms Government, and National Government; it is against the CONSTITUTION for a seated President or any at that level to be in office as Head of State (or Deputy) and be coronated or inaugurated as a King or Queen in a democratic State. Very many African Politicians and Presidents ARE or were Royals in line to Thrones, real Royals. To pursue high political Office they had to step away from High Royal Office UNTIL they were out of politics, or by strict rule had to step down from politics to be elevated to The Throne. It is an important law; a CRITICAL law to protect nations that are not Kingdoms of that specific Throne, and to protect the people of that nation not of that Throne and to protect all of the OTHER Thrones not in politics from bias, undemocratic; prejudice and manipulation of rights and the nations democratic system. Be such and appointment bloodlines or honorary, by the African Kingdoms Federation Laws and Policy unless it is or a Monarchial State of origin; and so chosen by the nation as unity to go from a Democracy to a Monarchy, it is against the correct unbiased governance and democracy and challenges the stability and political balance within the framework of a Democratic none Kingdom nations political landscape. Thus also against the African Kingdoms Federation-AKF policies and not accepted or tolerated in any form. Also not allowed by the African Kingdoms Federation in Honorary form out of respect to Royals in Service within African and global Democratic Governments.

Let us be very clear African KINGDOMS are Kingdoms, ruled by the Kingdoms Monarchs within the realm and parameter of that Kingdom. Much has changed in history through colonization and later Colonial Governance that they was replaced with the colonial governments established and recognized National Governments, under then protocols of Agreements for that self governing recognition; to some extend; but not in absolute totality as sovereign nations. As far as Kingdoms the new western governance structured had citizenry of the Kingdoms, now in rule above the authority of their ancestral Monarchs, and within the Commonwealth of the Colonial powers in serve, over the decades following that era. And yet the Kingdoms; though battered and bruised, are STILL here and they are because of our honor and respect of self as Kingdoms and our strict laws as bloodlines.

We the African Kingdoms Federation acknowledge that there are families in particularly within the Caribbean Diaspora that are of Royal blood related. Formally there is one recognized dynastic present day Royal House in The Americas OF The Americas, which is the Ruling House of Sheba, the KASAMBU'RA Imperial Family House.

The ruling family House of the Highest Queen Throne, the Throne Of Sheba the Nubian Imperial Matriarch referred to respectfully as Mother Africa, or Mama Africa Throne is seated a Royal of the old MENA Bloodlines born in the Caribbean Americas of the 1841 Bloodlines descendants, that migrated by invitation under the Codicil of Population. A highly respected and globally acknowledged Crown Royal and of an equally respect and formally recognized Monarchial Royal Government Coronated in the year 2000 alongside the Nubian King of the shared House lines in Africa the House was formally established around the Throne of Sheba and the only established House of Old of present rules in Africa, with shared root in the Americas.

In 2004 that was further sealed by the formalization in Africa with the Governments of that time addressing the matter of the Imperial House family in Africa to see the sacred name affixed to the Dynastic House Bloodlines of the Queen of Sheba. This was done through the Supreme Court by Deed of Poll with the formalization in 2004 of the Kasambu 'Ra ruling DYNASTIC House Name, of the Sovereign Imperial House of Sheba ruling Kasambu 'Ra Imperial Bloodlines, Dynasty House. That House spans two continents and an integral part of three other continents Royal and Noble bloodlines community (MENA) Middle-East and North Africa, into Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its status as such is cosmopolitan; so too its Crown Family and its integrated reflection as in its ancient history; yet still today as Mother Throne.

That Imperial High Throne was recognized during the African Union 2007 Anniversary Events of the Libyan Government, which in honor of the Queen of Sheba included an invitation to the African Kingdoms from sub-Saharan Africa, from the MENA Northeast Africa bloodlines Queen of Sheba hosted "African Renaissance 2006 Summit" as an integral part of the Africa Union formal events of the Libyan Government.

This was followed by the 18/08/2013 Montego Bay Recognition and integration within the African Kingdoms Federation Queendom Kingdoms community. The 2014 Philadelphia Nobility integration of as few then selected on merit in serve. The 2019 Crown Anniversary included Diaspora in Formal High participation: The February 2020 Diaspora participation as an integral part of the Crown Imperial Court Nobility and in the High Entourage of the Monarchs at the World Peace Summit in South Africa: The African Kingdoms Federation Summit decree September 2020 integration African Kingdoms Federation Governance:

In 2021 in honor of the African Union 36th Session theme "African Renaissance" agenda 2021 that saw the African Kingdoms Federation in a Protocol of Agreement to see establish a Royal Kingdoms Renaissance Capital under the Queendom of Sheba; This led to the Queendom Crown Government expansion and Diaspora inclusion in Crown Government and in the Houses of Parliament Upper House Senate; including the House of Lords, and House of KINGDOMS in service of the Kingdoms Member Nations parliamentary seats. All in step by step integration of the Diaspora over decades.

The African Kingdoms Federation has no involvement in any honorary inauguration or coronation. It is against our constitution; in fact we address strictly only formal Kingdoms Governmental matter; National Governmental represented by the Queendom Crown Government and with some of the strictest rules, laws and policies as Member Kingdom Nations States of and within the Royal Bloodlines as Custodian.

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