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The Queendom of Sheba

The first and foremost items on the Queendom agenda are:


The further establishment of the Imperial Queendom of Sheba and the continental Capital of the African Kingdoms Federations Kingdoms. The support of the African Union Nations development agenda, with the Queendom Project VII Phoenix-PVIIP Agenda.  Project VII Phoenix is the simultaneous development of the African Continent, in unity and harmony with the African Union Nations. 

These are to be implemented via the following organs of the Queendom:

The Imperial House of Sheba Crown Family
Crown Imperial House Foundation-CIHF

The Agenda will be led by the Queen of Sheba and Crown Imperial Family with the Queendom Crown Government African Kingdoms Federation Crown Parliament Senate the CIHF Advisory and the Queendom Commonwealth House Of Nations.

The Agenda Weekly Summits
Royal Summits of  2020-2024
Historical 7th February 2022 Presentations
(Video Recordings)

The Queendom from late 2020 to the present has hosted weekly Mondays Summit orientating the Queendom Federation of Kingdoms, Governments, and People, on the requirements for the Continental changes towards warp speed advance structured development, and with emphasis on climate change needs.  The summits was recessed in October 2023 as per 2020 planning,


From January 2021 in line with the African Union 2021 Agenda focus that was supported by the Queendom and African Kingdoms Federation, culminated in key historical events. Events which saw the activation of The AGENDA of The Queen Of Sheba 'PROJECT VII PHOENIX' and the year 2000 journey to present, and to this process, presented by Her Imperial Majesty The EMPRESS Shebah Debra Amelia SAI Kasambu'Ra - Queen Shebah III the Queen of SHEBA Queendom.

Royal Summit 7th February 2022


  • Presentations on Queendom and African Kingdoms Federation Agenda process with the Government of Congo DRC Mai Ndombe, and the African Union 2021 Presidency to African Union 2022 Agenda Start.

The Queendom Crown Government and African Kingdoms Federation-AKF presenters pictured from left to right here pictured are;


  • H.E ARC Hon. Crown Ambassador Lady Ondela M. Mlityalwa (AKF),

  • H.E the Crown Royal Chancellor of Estate Sir Malcolm Copson (Crown Government)

  • The Queendom of Sheba Central Bank QSL Currency.

  • H.I.M The Empress Shebah Kasambu'Ra - Queen Shebah III Presentation on the Agenda vision.


We present the videos of:

  • Opening recap of the journey and achievements.

  • Next are the events leading to the Summit Primary Project Topic. 

  • Thereafter presentation of the Queendom QSL Currency

  • Followed by The Queen Of Sheba Summit presentation on The Agenda parts 1 - 4 thereunder.

The Royal Summit 7th February 2022
Videos Presentation 1.

The Royal Summit 7th February 2022
Video Presentation 2.

Her Imperial Majesty Presentation on PROJECT VII PHOENIX The Agenda Pt.1

Her Majesty Presentation on PROJECT VII PHOENIX

The Agenda Pt.2

Her Majesty Presentation on PROJECT VII PHOENIX

The Agenda Pt.3

Her Majesty Presentation on PROJECT VII PHOENIX

The Agenda Pt.4


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