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The President of CSCB - QSIA
H.I.M The Empress Shebah III
The Queen Of Sheba

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In honor of the African Union 2021 agenda for African Renaissance with the accent on Africa’s Cultural, Arts, and Heritage revival, on June 7th, 2021 a Protocol of Agreement was signed with the Mai Ndombe Province which led to the establishment of the 4th autonomous Throne region in Africa. The Imperial Queendom of Sheba. The Queendom of Sheba is the ancestral Imperial Matriarchal ruling Kush Nubia-Egypt Mother Throne of Thrones, the Throne of SHEBA, and included the ancient Sheba Yemeni in its historical past, and as Imperial and Royal Houses, the oldest of the Kingdoms lines of the South, as such the focus as the African Renaissance Throne, with the establishment of the Queendom of Sheba, the Queen of the South. The Nubian Queen.


QSIA was created on 22nd August 2021 as a result of an Imperial Decree signed by the Queen of Sheba, who is the Head of State of the Queendom Crown Government. The Queen of Sheba Investment Authority (QSIA), is the issuer of the Queendom QRC Currency, and the investment arm of the Crown of Sheba Central Bank (CSCB), which was established by the CSCB Act. CSCB acts as the policy and regulatory body of QSIA. It is strategically placed as the investment partner of the African Nations for Development.  QSIA covers a range of important matters such as financial stability, cyber resilience, energy efficiency, privacy, and inclusion while tackling illicit finance control measures. QSIA was created to drive a fully autonomous fund that is guided by its impact on environmental, social, and governance principles.  All of these factors were considered when designing the QRC that would be fit for the future.


The Imperial Queendom of Sheba Central Bank is the Crown of Sheba Central Bank-CSCB, and its currency is the Crown Lumira QSL and QRC, which is backed by Financial and Natural Resources. CSCB was formed by IMPERIAL ACT NO. 21147-1 as THE NEW CROWN OF SHEBA CENTRAL BANK ACT in 2021, and thereafter, the Queendom of Sheba Investment Authority-QSIA towards the African Continent Development Investment agenda.


  • The Bank was created by the CSCB Act in 2021 during Her Imperial Majesty Empress Sheba - Queen Shebah III Sojourn in Congo - DRC and by Crown Decree established QSIA which started operations on August 19, 2021.

  • The Bank is a private Crown Institution represented by QSIA with headquarters in Mai-Ndombe, Queendom of Sheba, in DRC.

  • The Bank and the QSIA also have foreign offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Unlike a private bank that operates in pursuit of profit, the CSCB is responsible for the QSIA’s monetary policy and the regulation of the Queendom’s deposit-based financial institutions.



  • QSL – The Queendom of Sheba (Crown) LUMIRA is issued by the Crown of Sheba Central Bank (CSCB)

  • QRC – The Queendom Royal COIN is issued by the Queendom of Sheba Investment Authority (QSIA)

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