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Death of HH former Crown Consort Peter Jacob 11 the husband of Queen Shebah lll

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Queen Sheba and Husband Peter  embraced toasting at Christmas 1989
Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah III - Queen Shebah 111 and husband His Highness Prince Consort Peter The First, Christmas, 1989

Crown Office Press Announcement;

The House of Sheba ruling KASAMBU’RA Crown Family, regrets to announce the death of the former Husband of the Queen of Sheba, Crown Consort HH Peter Jacob I on Wednesday 1st November 2023, in the Netherlands. The Crown Consort died of health related natural causes.

HH Crown Consort Peter III was the Father of His Imperial Highness Prince Armando Jacob II the youngest son of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah Kasambu ‘Ra – Queen Shebah III the Queen of Sheba, and the grandfather of Prince Aiden and Father-in-Law of Princess Shai. The infant son and wife of Prince Armando Jacob II.

His Imperial Highness Prince  Jacob II is the husband of Princess Shai and father of Prince Aiden the 9th Grandchild of the Queen of Sheba in the garden on his wedding day in 2020
His Imperial Highness Prince Armando Jacob II is the son of HH Crown Consort Peter l and the Queen of Sheba. He is the youngest of the Empress and Queen three Children.

HH Crown Consort Peter II was the stepfather of Her Imperial Highness Princess Vanessa Shavonne and His Imperial Highness Prince Yuray Andrew. The first born daughter and son of the Queen of Sheba.

His Imperial Highness Prince Andrew are the two eldest children of Her Imperial Majesty the Queen of Sheba. They were born of the first marriage with the late Crown Consort HH Freerk Hendrik III of Friesland in the Netherlands, and German related noble lines.

The Royals the Queen of Sheba, Empress Shebah III and husband HH Hendrik 111 entering a river boat in for a tour Amsterdam in 1986
HIM Empress Shebah lll and HH Prince Consort Freerk Hendrik lll and their Highnesses two children Princess Vanessa Shavonne and Prince Yuray Andrew

The House of Sheba blood-Lines

The House of Sheba of the Americas and North-east Africa succession lines includes respective European lines direct family within Germany, France, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, as House. The direct lines and Houses of Sheba succession bloodlines also includes within the Middle East/MENA, Asia and Far East Asia related direct lines of House of Sheba ruling family of present day. Forming globally the most cosmopolitan Royal House of present history.

The Funeral

With theme song November Rain in welcome to family and friends, at a lovely ceremony in his honor, HH Consort Peter Jacob was buried on Wednesday 8th November 2023. H.I.H Prince Jacob ll his first born child, read a touching eulogy in tribute to His Highness Father HH The Crown Consort Peter Jacob l, in the quiet private funeral ceremony. Surrounded by members of Royal family and close friends of the well loved now deceased Crown Consort....more

Condolences and Thanks

The African Kingdoms Federation and its Queendom Crown Government on behalf of the Crown Family extends our heartfelt condolences to all of our Royal family members, friends, and officials of the Royal House of Sheba on all Continents. We extends our sincere thank to all Federation Kingdoms, and Officials for the messages of condolences, and, our thanks to the internationally Royal Houses and Thrones, and our associates for messages of condolences received.

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